Personalized, innovative, multi-disciplinary home care team.
Positive and encouraging support from an awesome team that care for your welfare above all.

Melissa Geoffrion-Trim

Excellent treatment, the best clinic, effective results and guaranteed!!!!


Fusioteck came highly recommended by a friend of mine,  and now I know why.

Maddie B.

I had my first massage session with Oliver for my back pain that I’ve always suffered. I felt the difference right after, The treatment really surprised me.
He is very knowledgeable and has a very unique technique.

Mona Ibrahim

I received a treatment by Olivier and he is EXCELLENT! Super nice, attentive and above all, he was super professional.
He knew how to make me comfortable with an effective and respectful approach. His treatment did me the greatest good,
I recommend it 100%.

Éric Galipeau

Within the first 10 minutes, he identified my exact areas of pain and explained to me why and how I got to this point. 
In just a few weeks, I see such a huge difference. He taught me so much and I’m really grateful to have him as my therapist.

Alexia Theopoulos

Excellent service, very professional
first visit and I already feel a big difference in my back.

Youssef Z'l

Jack is just amazing and very good at what he does.
They are very professional, provide quality service.
I would recommend to anyone who is looking for massage, especially if you train a lot.

Moulaye Idriss Abass

I have been receiving regular treatments with Jacques Boissinot for over a year and he is simply a great massage therapist!
He listens to my needs for every treatment and works deep tissue.
I highly recommend his services to everyone.

Caroline Dussault

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